World Goddess Heritage Temple

We in the House of The Grail, run by the Grail Priestesses devote our services to the international recollection and remembrance of the Great Goddess all through the world. Apart from doing our daily duties in the House of The Grail, holding meditations, running female empowerment courses, goddess related programmes, we share a common vision of being one of the temple pillars of the Goddess’s World Temple. As being one of the pillars we do our extra in focusing not only our local Goddess culture and heritage but also on searching for sites of Goddess Heritage.

The idea was not new but its name as World Goddess Heritage Sites was born in 2017 in Turkey, while visiting goddess related temples, ruins there as part of the Goddess Herstory research I’ve been running for 20 years by now. With a collection of more than a hundred Goddess statuettes from all round the world I hold presentations and rituals on Herstory spanning over more than 30 thousands of years.

I am grateful in particular for the pioneer work of Marija Gimbutas, the archeomithologist of last century, for the launch and run of the Pansophia movement and research work done by dr. Annine Van der Meer, for Anique Radiant Heart for being the high priestess of the Global Goddess and becoming deservedly a Holy Elder of Gaia. And of course many other forrunners and sometimes warrior-woman-researchers for their work. (a longer selection of gratitude list will come later).

The concept of collecting the World Goddess Heritage Sites – by that given name in the vision, has become a mission of ours in the Budapest House of The Grail, in service of the Great Mother Goddess of Hungary and that of the World called thousands of names.  If you share this mission and apart from running or serving your local temple, you have strenghts and stamina to serve a larger plan, you are welcome here with all what you have to share, with all who you are. If you know of a site which would deserve the name World Goddess Heritage Site, don’t hesitate to share and give more information to share with Goddess divotees.

Blessed be.

Heartful love,

Arinna Kitara

Priestess of the Grail, the founder of World Goddess Heritage Project, Budapest, Hungary.